ASR - Automatic Speech Recognition


  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking
    Send e-mails and instant messages, surf the web, chat and create documents-all by speaking.
  • IBM ViaVoice
    ViaVoiceŽ technology, now available to consumers on the Windows, Macintosh and handheld computer platforms, can afford a 'multi-modal' environment, freeing users from dependence on the mouse, keyboard and stylus for many applications.
  • SpeechMagic.
    If cost-efficient document creation, high transcription productivity and first-class service quality are vital to the success of your business, then SpeechMagic can help you achieve your goals. Used in more than 7,000 installations worldwide, the program has established itself at the top of the dictation and speech recognition industry.
    SPIRIT offers the Automatic Speech Recognition Engine, designed to provide accurate and effective speech command recognition in wide range of applications such as voice command and control, voice dialing in hands-free devices, credit card validation or personal identification number (PIN) entry in security systems, and so on.
    Speaker independence, Language independence, Vocabulary size: up to 100 words, Real time processing