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  • OpenLogos Machine Translation
    The LOGOS Machine translation system is one of the largest and most powerful among the commercial machine translation systems. Various text documents in different formats can be submitted to the system and within a short amount of time are translated into different target languages. The result, a raw translation, is already of high language quality. But if required, the result can be post-edited by a human translator. The user saves a significant amount of time and costs especially since the use of different document filters maintain the format of the original document to a high degree.
    Currently German and English are the source languages available. The target languages for English include the major European languages (such as French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese). Additional language pairs are in development.

  • QuickTranslate Online
    QuickTranslate Online is a Delphi compiled program for Translating text various languaje, is quick and small, translate using Systran translation used in Altavista, Lycos, Google, Terra, in others pages.
  • TransJ
    TransJ is open source desktop translation tool. Currently we use AltaVista BabelFish translation service. We plan to use Lingvo online translator in the future).
  • j2e-translator
    A flexible Japanese to English language translation engine that allows multiple results be displayed according to all possible grammar ratings, i.e. a list of results will be displayed instead of only one. Please browse the CVS tree for actual project.
  • Open Translation Engine (OTE)
    Open Translation Engine (OTE) is a translation toolset written in PHP with XML dictionaries. Tools: Multiple word-for-word lookups, random word, dict viewer, and a Worldwide Lexicon client. Dictionary: English / Dutch / Italian / etc
  • GPLTrans
    A Web-based language translator that translates into a variety of languages.