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  • freedict.com
    English->Afrikaans, English->Danish, English->Dutch, English->Finnish, English->French, English->Hungarian, English->Indonesian, English->Italian, English->Japanese, English->Latin, English->Norwegian, English->Portuguese, English->Russian, English->Spanish, English->Swahili, English->Swedish, Afrikaans->English, Danish->English, Dutch->English, Finnish->English, French->English, Hungarian->English, Indonesian->English, Italian->English, Japanese->English, Latin->English, Norwegian->English, Portuguese->English, Russian->English, Spanish->English, Swahili->English, Swedish->English
  • travlang.com
    Travlang.com has been providing language content and travel services on the world wide web since 1994. We offer translating dictionaries in 18 languages as you can see on this page. We are now launching a new set of translation dictionaries in over 35 languages. We also offer our world famous and free Foreign Languages for Travelers in over 80 languages that can teach you many of the phrases you need for international travel.
  • dict.tu-chemnitz.de
    German->English, English->German - A simple dictionary containing over 182,000 entries