World Languages


  • Ethnologue language name index
    Listing of 7,299 primary names only. For 39,491 alternate names and dialect names use the site search.
  • Ethnologue Language Code Index
  • Three-letter codes for identifying languages
    One feature of the Ethnologue since its inception as a database in 1971 has been a system of three-letter codes for uniquely identifying languages. Downloadable:
    - (141K)
    - (5K)
    - (1,003K)
  • world languages
    Welcome to the ultimate source of authentic and reliable information about the Languages of the world on the net. The links in this directory will guide you to the official sites of the languages that you are looking for.
  • The Languages of the World by Computers and the Internet
    For each of the Languages of the World, this home page describes its brief history, features, writing system, and character set and keyboard for computers and the Internet processing.
  • The Rosetta Project
    The Rosetta Project is a global collaboration of language specialists and native speakers working to build a publicly accessible online archive of ALL documented human languages. Our goal is to create the most broad and complete reference work on the languages of the world to date- a reference work of relevance for academic researchers and educators as well as native communities looking for materials in support of language revitalization work.
    Document database:
    - 2,366 Total languages
    - 76,743 Individual text pages
    - 2,323 Volunteer contributors
    Word list database:
    - 1,384 Languages
    - 3,090 Total lists
    - 404,451 Distinct words